Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting Migraines

I get migraines. They are really terrible and sometimes
it takes a few days for them to go away. This week I was sick
Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday. But I was determined to
stick to my painting a day in my sketchbook even though most of
the time I had a pillow over my head and took way too much medicine.
I've always wanted to try to paint my migraines so that's what I did.
I didn't use the timer, that would have been too stressful but I think
they only took about 15 minutes each, (the first 2)

I get them on one side of my head so its just split in half and then the
reverberations of everything around are awful.

Sometimes my lower half doesn't feel all that bad but from my eyes up its
a horrible mess.

And then it starts to lift and I know I'll feel like a truck hit me for a little while
but I know things are getting better. I found this quote by Dr Seuss that
just seemed perfect for the situation.
You know, I'm grateful I was able to do work the last few days and am
now totally pumped to get back to real life. Thanks everyone who sent
me good thoughts on instagram and FB. I truly appreciate it.
How do you try to cope with pain?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Me and Lisa Congdon

I was away on vacation when all of this awesomeness happened. I had limited
wifi access so I just couldn't share here like I wanted to.
I saw a few weeks ago on her blog that Lisa was giving a talk in Portland about
her sketchbook, at the end of her post she wrote that if anyone had a sketchbook of
interest maybe she would mention it in her talk. I figured why not? and I sent off an email.
Well, I got a response right away and I was floored, She knew who I was and was so
complimentary about my work. What a way to feel special, she is someone who
I've followed for years and just love her work, her projects and her openness.
The next thing I knew she asked to interview me for her blog in the section called
People I Admire!!
Here is the amazing, beautiful interview. I feel so honored and humbled by all of this.

Then last night in NY she gave a talk about her work, her new book, her inspiration. It was
a great talk and very hopeful and warm.
Here we are after the talk.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Next Steps...

I didn't make the final 6 for the global talent search. Of course I'm disappointed but it was really a long shot.
And I wasn't able to put my all into round 2 as I explained in my last post. I guess it was
a bit too ordinary. But I've learned that I grow and learn so much from each setback. I'm picking
myself up and moving on.
I did put my t shirt design into society 6, I needed to see how it would really look on a little T!

It looks cute, huh?  If you want it or a print the link is here.
So, I have lots to look forward to, a secret I will be talking about soon, Finishing up the cookbook,
and a whole lot of designing. I'll be posting here again soon!
Thanks for all the support during the GTS.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Global Talent Search Round 2!

I woke up that Tuesday morning a few weeks ago to see that I made the top 50 of
999 amazing artists in Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search! Wow...I'm in a group of outstanding artists!
The assignment for this round was to create a personified animal character for a young child's t shirt.
Uh Oh, this isn't the thing that I normally do or am the most comfortable with. I had lots of ideas and only
2 1/2 days to do it in before I left for a vacation with my Mom. I started right away just quickly
painting a few ideas.

It seemed like a good start so I started playing putting them into t shirt shapes to see how they would look.

Hmm, looking back now If I had more time I would have explored these options more.
I may have tightened up a bit too much because of time constraints. But at the time I really
wanted to show great deal of detail and thought on the animals face and gestures. You know
its so easy to 2nd guess yourself in a high fraught competition like this. (and in my experience in
a real life situation, a job, there is feedback on sketches from the art director so its not so blindly
done, so this is extra hairy!)  On the final version I wanted to show the lioness in a different position
so she is playing guitar on a vintage tin lunchbox and I also wanted to show a cute little girl wearing
the shirt. It would knock my socks off to get into the next round of 6 finalists but if not I've learned
so much and come such a long way that I'm going to be happy either way. (after a good cry!!)
Best xoxo Jennifer

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Global Talent Search: Little Terrarium

Update!! I came in the top 50 of 999 entries!!! I'm thrilled and honored to have
been chosen.Now off to work on round #2.
 My final terrarium piece for the Global Talent Search! I wanted to create a
magical world, of plants and birds and insects and flowers. A place I could stare
at all day and feel inspired.I did alot of painting, somehow I can see the vision
in paint more clearly than a pencil or pen line. I can draw in paint so its comfortable
for me.
I started here: (as I posted the other day...)

I really felt I needed to see the image clearly and not get too busy and I loved the big
jar the best. and I tried 2 side by side but it is way too busy.

I painted a single jar with a better top and more considered elements.

But the background, although I like I really felt was competing with the detail in the
terrarium. I think maybe the detailed technique and the rough style in background felt
really unsettling to me.
So I tried one with a more even background with texture.

It still didn't feel grounded to me so I do what I do alot in my paintings and put the
image on a table. I felt like I could breathe now when I looked at it. I also painted
the bird and butterfly more beautifully and added a caterpillar, a ladybug, a bee and
some more butterflies. My change I would make now would be to do the lettering
more like the ones in the first versions... Oh well. I learn something from every piece of art I do.