Monday, August 30, 2010


When my parents moved out of the city to an 
apartment in another state, I became the 
holder of of all the old family photos. For years they
have been stuffed into a closet and not looked at. 
Yesterday my Mom and Dad came over and we
pulled them out and started looking through the images. 
I was struck by the fact that even though I hadn't looked
at them in a long time they were etched in my memory.
I'm very inspired by them and plan to do a series of paintings 
based on the pictures and my memories.
This is my Aunt Selma.
 I'm using this for "immovable" since each moment in time is 
captured and will always be there to observe.

This series will also be for the 2011 Sketchbook Project,
where my theme is "A day in the Life"


Linda Hensley said...

What a nice idea! I'm sure your relatives will appreciate your efforts.

pretty day said...

wonderful painting! I really like this.