Friday, November 5, 2010


I very often get terrible migraines, I mostly need to crawl
 into bed, take my medicine and hope this isn't one that will
last for days. Today I woke up with one and luckily the 
medicine seemed to tame it. But I sat down at my desk
and was unable to do anything for hours. The "afterwards"
of the headaches render me just as useless as the 
headache itself. I finally just decided to draw 
something that makes me happy, flowers! They are in my
headache colors though, and are sort of blurry which 
is how I'm seeing right now....


shelby healey said...

Lovely flowers!
I can totally sympathise with you, mine last for a week sometimes and I'm exhausted afterwards. I hope you are feeling much brighter tomorrow:)

poppylocke said...

Beautiful illustration..! And I hope you recover from your migraine soon!

Jenny said...

your migraine sounds horrible but these flowers are a beautful aftermath :)

dosankodebbie said...

Headache colors.... that's an interesting concept. Very apt. I have family that suffer from migraines. My heart goes out to you.

Kerry Schofield said...

Very pretty flowers after the intense pain. I have migraines too and know how you feel! Do you have auras? I especially had a very colorful, animated one a couple of years ago. One day I need to paint it!

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Linda Hensley said...

I know your pain. I've been having migraines for more than a month this round. They cluster for me, and I can go months without them. I think it's interesting that your headache colors are much different than mine which are more like bright neon signs. Good for you to come up with something creative afterwards. I hope you feel better soon!

jennifer said...

It's so interesting to hear about everyone's migraine experiences...:(
I don't get the aura but wouldn't mind to once to see what that is like. The dark dreary colors are because I need to hide under my pillow if possible.
Hope everyone has a pain free week!!!

Ellen Byrne said...

Great images - love the non traditional colors.

gatheringwonder said...

this is so lovely