Thursday, January 20, 2011

7 Random Things

It took me a little while to get to this but Shelby Healy passed along the stylish blog award to me. Thanks so much Shelby! She is a great artist who lives on what sounds like a fantasy island somewhere in the Canary Islands! When this comes along you are supposed to write 7 random things about yourself and then pass the award along to other great blogs..  So here goes,

1.My father's father had children late in life. He was born in 1888 (!!) in Russia, he lived to be 102.

2. My Mother and her sister are best friends. When I was a little kid they used to dress
 my cousin and I in matching outfits....

3. I love to read and I'm in 2 bookclubs. One of which is been 
going on for 20 years. We meet in the Hat Shop in NYC and 
get to try on beautiful hats before we start discussing the book.
The proprietor of the shop, Linda Pagan is a friend and 
book club member. My favorite book so far this year has
been Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

4. I went to RISD, graduated in 1981 in textile design. 
My husband  also went there and studied architecture.
It was a great place, we still have many friends who teach 
there so we go and visit when we can.

5. I LOVE to travel.
The last place I visited was Istanbul last August for an amazing wedding.

6. My brother lives in Tokyo and against all odds has become a
pretty famous Ramen chef there. He has 2 restaurants and is
on TV all the time, and is recognized in the street,
If you go it's worth the bowl of ramen. DELICIOUS.

7. On a whim last week I had the walls ripped out of the some 
of the rooms in my  1916 era house. They were crumbling and 
unpaintable. Now I'm living through a major mess.

8. I thought I should just add on #8 that i have a great 16 year old son
who is a junior in high school and
he loves to cook, do photography and loves
architecture too!

The next post will be the blogs
I am passing along the stylish award to.


hmstrjam said...

love all these! We just watched a cheesy Rick Steves tour of Istanbul where everyone wore bad baggy khakis, thinking maybe dockers..
Great old photograph!
Making me hungry for noodles!

Bethany said...

Jennifer... these are amazing things! Another RISD graduate too! (I wish I was) I would love to see your house and your son is a cutie!

shelby healey said...

Thank you for playing along Jennifer! I loved reading your 7 random things and what great pictures. I look forward to seeing what you do with your house x :))