Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I have done many of these digital collages, using photography and drawing
in illustrator, using transparencies, and I love the effects and I've been very
happy with the series.(ie:The bottom one) Lately though I've been doing a lot
of painting and collage and I just started wondering what would happen
if I just took the image I already made and and kept working it in a new
technique. It's a completely different piece now and I sort of vacillate between
liking it and not. I don't really plan on doing too many like this but I'm curious
what anyone else might think?


Unknown said...

As striking as the computer image is, I have to say that the sensuality, and organic feel of the first image gets me right in the gut(I mean in a good way!) It is playful and strong.Brava!

Bethany said...

The first one looks like it is a finished piece... I loved the layered textures... some more organic and some more graphic. I think you might find your best work from really exploring an image.