Monday, April 4, 2011


Duet: a musical composition for two voices or 
instruments or an action or activity performed 
by a pair of closely connected individuals.

It's spring although it doesn't really feel like it yet. 
Some daffodils are popping out in the yard,
and many birds are singing.. I'm waiting for 
that day that it turns 70 degrees or higher 
consistently, then i'll be out there singing a 
duet with whoever wants to join me!


Sarah Melling said...

So charming! I love your images for the "Perefect score" piece, too, even if getting a perfect SAT score makes me feel stressed out just reading about it! :)

Sarah Melling said...

sorry for the typo above...long day...

jennifer said...

Agreed, That would be an impossibility for me!!

mollymell said...

They are lovely!
Spring is a little bit shy here, too.

Debbie said...

this is the most beautiful depiction of spring I've ever seen. Is it for sale?