Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nature Collage Project

I crave color in my garden....
but I have lots of shade
and and lots of animals that come and eat up whatever
I'm trying to grow. (Although, this year so far I've been
combating that with the wonderful motion water sensor
machine that startles them away.

So I began collaging rocks and sticks and placing them
around the garden, surprising me, and catching my eye.
I had a party this weekend and people were asking about them.. they are a fun conversation starter. Next up,
some BIG ones.


Rain said...

I came here to check out the IF submission, but this nature collage idea of yours is fantastic!

Debbie said...

SO beautiful!

shelby healey said...

What a great idea, these are gorgeous. You've inspired me!

jennifer said...

Thanks! I'm working on more of these! I find them meditative to do as well!

Anonymous said...

I came for your 'IF' submission too. These colourful rocks are delightful and nice eye-catchers.
Next thing you know people will knock on your door to buy them!