Thursday, September 15, 2011


My post today is about something I don't usually write about.
I get terrible, horrible chronic migraines, every few days. The
kind that stop me in my tracks, block my brain, bring everything
to a halt. Last night when I couldn't sleep because the pain was
too much, the image for boundaries just came to me. It's my
brain, my migraine. I don't get colors, they have no shape. It's just
a big square thick thing filled with muck that I can't get out of.
The clarity is outside the box. All I want is to be out there but it's so
rare to have days that are completely clear and light. What it
would mean to me would be that I would have consecutive days
of creativity, I would get where I wanted to be, I wouldn't be
knocked down constantly.
I started thinking about people who have other diseases. My
mother in law had a stroke 7 years ago, and is now stuck
in a wheel chair, paralyzed on 1/2 her body, but she is so positive
and living a full life. It's encouraging.
I'm optimistic I'll get through this. Not with Doctors anymore.
No luck with them, but with natural remedies, dietary changes
acupuncture. I'm going to get over this.


Debbie said...

The painting is beautiful.....and I'm so sorry it was born out of such pain.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you experience some relief from those migraines. I feel your pain, I get them too. There can be many triggers and I hope you can discover yours, if you haven't already, and that you feel better.

jennifer said...

Thanks, I'm committed to getting better.!!

seeknowbrown said...

The painting is terrific. I agree with Debbie.

Vicki Smith said...

I'm so sorry, I have heard how debilitating migraines can be. I heard a story on npr not too long ago about how people sometimes outgrow them. Hope this happens for you.

pve design said...

Hope you have relief soon from your migraines.
I hear that laughter is the best medicine. Love that painting.

Unknown said...

Hi I am stopping by from the Creative Courage course. I also experience migraines like the ones you describe :(

Lindsay - Pen and Paint said...

What amazing work.
I wish you the best for relief with your migraines. My late aunt, an amazing artist and my inspiration, suffered from migraines.
Happy to find you through Creative Courage :)

Bethany said...

Jennifer, though I've never experienced one, my husband used to and so did one of my best friends. I'm so sorry to hear that you do, but I'm happy to hear you are searching for an answer. I have found answers to many things through the Weston A. Price Foundation ( It was hard to search out migraine info but there are different possibilities of causes listed there. I don't know your diet but it might be helpful to look there and see if there are any triggers. Sending a hug!