Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I should be at Yoga

This is what I should be doing now, but instead
I'm at home in front of the computer. I need to
prioritize my day a lot better than I'm doing right
now. I need advice and motivation!!

Painting done for the Perfect Score Project.


Unknown said...

well...at least you have good intentions!

Carla said...

This is what I did today. I knew yoga started at 11am. I sat at the computer (doing nothing very useful) until it was 10.50am, and then of course it was too late to go. I was grumpy with myself, but it was all my own fault. I know where you're coming from!

aimee said...

found you via creative courage! i love your paintings (and this one especially, needing some deep breaths these days!) xo, aimee