Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok, This is a stretch...for the word puzzle, but here it is. I am doing
the Sketchbook Project Limited Edition which is due April 30th.
I kept putting it off and now it's due in 15 days..... I randomly picked
the theme Why did the owl make everyone laugh? I figured I would
have a good time painting lots of people in all types of poses and states
of hysteria. I plan to tackle different angles, who knows what I'll come
up with. But I plan to get it in.. So hence the puzzle.
Anyway this was total enjoyment to paint!


Vicki Smith said...

Good luck meeting your deadline! I participated in the Sketchbook Project last winter and it was a good impetus to get me sketching. I like your painting.

Cindy D. said...

Haha, very nice group of laughing people. They are all very distinct. I like the owl too, I think he is extremely puzzled by these strange events.

Pascal Kirchmair said...

Nice! Well done!

Sarah Melling said...

I can feel how much you enjoyed painting's so happy!!