Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Teacup Series

It turns out that caffeine is my enemy. Once I
completely it cut out my migraines are about
70% better. So no more of my beloved green
teas. My brother used to bring me back a whole
variety of them from Tokyo, they made me so happy,
but I won't touch the stuff anymore. So I'm having
herbal teas only.. I haven't found one that I love as
much. Any suggestions? I grow lot's of herbs in my
garden so I've been using lemon verbena, mint, an anise
and chamomile. It's very refreshing to use the fresh plant
directly in hot water. I need to take time to choose the
right teacup each morning so it's still a special ritual.
I've had a set of these for 25 years or so. They were
a series of patterns put out by Swid Powell by famous
architects. This one is by Robert Venturi called


dosankodebbie said...

I am allergic to caffeine, but I love decaffeinated black teas and the occasional decaffeinated cup of coffee. I can't get either of those in Japan, and it took years to find a steady source of such products from the US. It does make me sad that I can't drink green tea, but I love barley tea (mugicha) almost as much. And I sooo agree that choosing the right cup is a delightful part of the process of tea drinking!

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Nice mug!
As for tea...try "Red Zinger." Most grocery stores carry it.

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love tea also, but am very sensitive to caffeine--almost to the point of a panic attack so jittery. I love lavender tea--so calming. Have you tried naturally decaffeinated teas? I am going to fiddle with mixing my own lavender tea blend--naturally decaf black tea mixed with food grade lavender buds. I ordered wonderful tea from a rug hooker in Washington state at Little House Rugs. She raises sheep and organic lavender. Her tea is wonderful and calming! I've been drinking a little chamomile--having to acquire a taste for it, but it's getting better!

jennifer said...

Thanks! What good advice, I will definitely look into lavender tea and the Little House Rugs! I'm a bit wary of decaf because I know there is some caffeine still in there but maybe at some point I'll give that a try..