Thursday, September 6, 2012


I was having blog withdrawal.. It's been so many weeks since I even
visited my own site. I managed to get in a weeks vacation on Cape Cod,
get my son off to freshman year at college (WashU in St Louis) to study
architecture, deal with the nasty migraines, and happily juggle a ton of
work. But I love drawing these little doodles for illustration Friday.
So much fun! So the word is identical... When you see yourself, what
do you see? Just something to ponder.


JS DANIEL said...

Love the idea! Nice illustration. I know exactly what you are going through about the blog withdrawal. I am/have been so busy with studies, family and other personal stuff that it was difficult to find time to illustrate or post something. So i have decided to slow things for a while to maybe one or two images per month.

trudy van der wal said...

Really very cute!!

Laura said...


Hannah Tuohy said...

Looks great! Very cute!

Amanda Dilworth said...

This is really cute. Glad you managed to fit one in, know exactly what you mean, been neglecting my blog of late too.

Lisa Rivas said...

Beautifully done! Want to meet these title fellows :-) Thank you!