Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This is a little glimpse into my studio, a much neater version... My
reference books are all very close to me. I have many shelves of
books scattered all over here, but I keep my favorite ones at the
moment close by, I change them all the time..

Right now a few of them are: a book from the great Swedish designer
Olle Eskell. I first saw his work when I was in Japan, A funky little store
had a show with his drawings and I was hooked. Here is the link to the book.

I always love to look at Maira Kalman, I started reading every one
of her children's books to my son when he was a kid, now I adore
all her books, the illustrations and the stories about people and places.
So inspiring! I visited her show at the Jewish Museum in NY three
times last year when it was up.

A third book I always reach for is a book of a Japanese applique
artist, Ayako Miyawaki. I was handed down this book, I am so
lucky since now that I've looked around it doesn't seem easy to find.
Her work has a calm simplicity but with pattern and movement and
texture. I find it so beautiful.


Veda said...

lovely work!

jennifer said...

Thanks Veda!

Sarah Melling said...

Really charming portrait of yourself and your studio! And I love these books you've linked to...all new to me!