Thursday, January 24, 2013

Computer Migraine Damage

This morning I woke up to a totally obvious but yet ah-ha moment
for me. I suffer from migraines, not just sometimes but chronic ones,
and I have tried just about everything to help me combat them.
Medication, meditation, acupuncture, food restrictions, so far nothing
really works. But this morning I had a thought that staring at the
computer screen all day has got to be doing major damage in my already
messed up migraine head.
So starting today I'm going on a week long test, Just 45 minutes in the
morning and again in the evening do do my business.
Addict that I am, this will be hard, but I've given up chocolate and
caffeine too with no dire effects.
I did say a few weeks ago I would start doing more digital drawings..
That's on hold for now, I'm actually looking forward to the possibilities
the opened time will bring. I'm sure I waste a lot on the screen.
Any tips on breaking away from the computer?


Kristin Dudish said...

I hope your computer break helps give you relief from your migraines.

I suffer from them also, but have never thought of the computer as a possible trigger... I might have to consider putting a limit on my computer time too.

Wishing you a pain-free day!


Tracey FK said...

thrilled to have found your blog via a comment left of Kristin's blog... hope the migraine is settled down and that you can get back to painting... love your work and look forward to following you and seeing more of it... get better