Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Yesterday it was raining. I traveled from my village to
the city on the train to work with my partner on my book,
"I know I'm Not an Elephant". I had dinner with my
husband and son, who is home from college this week
for spring break. He turned 19 on Sunday. It's hard
to believe. I followed my new migraine diet and I'm
headache free. It was a very good day despite the rain.


Rita said...

Glad to hear you are headache free! Lovely artwork, as usual.

suzi poland said...

This is a lovely illustration for what is a hard topic. Your colours are quite nostalgic too. Congrats too on reaching 100 Blogger members, that's quite an achievement. :)

jennifer said...

Thank you and Hi to my followers!
the word Yesterday is definitely a hard word to illustrate, it's interesting to see how others interpret it.

Emily said...

I like the treatment of the hair and dress. Oh and YAY on the headache free part.

Vicki Smith said...

Nice image! My son will be home for spring break next week. Great about the effectiveness of diet!