Monday, April 29, 2013

BBQ, April Paint Challenge Day 29

I realize I missed 2 days of my challenge. This past
weekend was the Studio Tour in my village. I just
couldn't find 1 sec to paint.. Oh well, I still feel like
I accomplished what I set out to do so its ok. Thanks
so much to anyone who made it over, I loved every
minute of talking with everyone and am very grateful
that you climbed my 2 flights of steep stairs!
It was very very hard for me to transition back to my
everyday routine after such a stimulating weekend. I
ended up painting this one very quickly...
Moving on, Today is my husbands birthday, I never
really know what to get him and then I just don't. So
this year it's going to be a new grill.. The one we have
is 25 years old, the legs have fallen off, the automatic
lighter is broken so I'm afraid to use it..(like it will blow
up or something..) I know he won't be reading this post
so I feel safe putting this up.


pve design said...

Love a good bbq although I have been eating a more plant based diet....we have a weber grill and love it. Got it at our local hardware store.
Hope your studio tour was a success.

jennifer said...

I do too, but my husband loves grilling a good steak! I grill tons of veggies. I had a great weekend, how about you?