Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flowers April Paint Challenge Day 25

I can't believe I'm just a few days away from completing
this challenge. I have loved the experience and I will
post what I learned from this on the last day. I'm thinking
of starting a new challenge for May, with some more
restrictions. My plan is a food painting a day, but
limiting my time to 30 minutes a day to see
what I can do in that short time. Any suggestions?


poppylocke said...

Beautiful collection of flowers!

I had some thoughts to offer for your May challenge..! At a previous job, I used to take part in lunchtime speedpaints (30-60 mins in Photoshop), and there was a guy who would occasionally draw what he was eating for lunch. One time he had a few bites of his sandwich, did a quick paint of it half-munched, before finishing eating it!
If you're going to limit your time, maybe you could choose just one thing to concentrate on - like a piece of fruit or veg on a plate, or a drink in a glass or cup resting on a tablecloth, or a food can on a windowsill.

Maybe you could draw something you eat of a day, or the ingredients of something you're going to cook up - part painting challenge/part food diary :)
You could also maybe go to a cafe and paint something you have there, like a piece of cake (also a good excuse to have cake!)

jennifer said...

This is exactly what I'm going to do! Thanks for the thoughts, they are great. I so appreciate all your visits! (What is your real name? I looked all over your blog and couldn't find it, maybe I'm just not seeing it...)

poppylocke said...

No problem! I enjoy visiting your blog - very inspirational, especially the challenge work you set yourself :)
My name's Stacey - I suppose I should really have that info somewhere on my blog..!
I look forward to seeing more of your paintings!

jennifer said...

Nice to meet you Stacey!

pve design said...

I have enjoyed and admired every one of your paintings and I am about ready to take on this challenge for myself.
Hope your weekend was wonderful and that the tour was great for you.

poppylocke said...

thanks, you too! :)