Sunday, April 14, 2013

Silverware April Challenge Day 14

I'll admit that I'm getting tired of having to make a
new painting each day..Sometimes I just have so
many other things going on, even other art projects,
that I am feeling forced to do this. But I promised
myself so here it is. This one reflects the boredom
a bit I think. This is a good way to overcome a block
though... Just do it, find something to paint and go.


poppylocke said...

You're doing so well and are nearly halfway through your challenge!

This cutlery painting is really sweet, the colours and the silver detail are lovely. I like how you don't seem sure if the first one is a fish spoon :) It's pretty, whatever its use!

Esther Lankhaar said...

I love your work, have been scrolling through your blog and I am the newest follower on your blog (!I come from the piece a week group). These spoons and forks ar beautiful.

jennifer said...

Thanks you so much for coming and looking at the challenge paintings! I'm so glad I'm 1/2 through...That fish spoon? has been in the drawer forever and only used once in a while maybe for cake.