Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tea, Day 2 of 30

This is not a simple challenge. Time constraints are big,
I'm just have to post what I paint, warts and all.
This one is a much too difficult and time
consuming image considering I was out all day.
Lesson learned.
These are my teapots and  bowls from the kitchen.
The teal one is an antique from Japan that my brother
brought me when he moved back to the US from Tokyo.
I use that one a lot. They are all special though.


pve design said...

I love tea and teapots. This morning I had lapsoung souchang tea. I realized I need a new strainer.
Painting collections of things is a great push....as long as there is tea.

poppylocke said...

I love these, they all look so lovely! I just got my first teapot a few weeks ago, so I'm especially excited about tea-related things :)