Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yellow Daffodils Challenge Day 4

Last night my friend Karen surprised me with this
lovely bouquet of daffodils. We were at my book
club, it was arctic cold out and all anyone is talking
about is how miserable it is and when will spring come.
I hadn't seen Karen since my Dad died in February
and she came in all bundled up, with these in her
hands. It was like seeing sunshine! Thanks, Karen.
Painting them was hard.. they are SO yellow.
I played with some pencil drawing around the
flowers on this one, to give them some detail
and separation.

Here it is in work, at the beginning..

..and in my studio. I painted it with gouache and used
acrylics toward the end to create the textured


pve design said...

The Yellow of Jonquils has so much green in it and is a color that can be sort of loud - much like the shape of the trumpet of that flower. The first sighting means that Spring is on the way!
Did you see all the great comments on traffic on the River Arts Blog?

jennifer said...

Yes it's a very green yellow..
I approve all the comments so I see them all! Congratulations.