Friday, May 3, 2013

Blueberries. May Painting a Day.

The thing is I have a monster migraine today.. I've been so
much better, I'm working with a nutritionist and the food
changes have made a big difference and I'm 80% migraine
free now. (I actually, sadly have a food sensitivity to blueberries)
But sometimes I still get a whopper, I don't know
what causes them. Today I just made myself get up and
do my painting. Not feeling well helped me to simplify,
which is something I've been wanting to do. Today I had to
and I'm happy with the results.
I have to confess here that I did the lettering on a separate
piece of paper because I just wasn't confident enough to
paint it right on the art. That goes against my principle, since
one of the goals here is to not be precious about the piece
and whatever happens, is what it is. But today I feel
vulnerable. I'll add it in for real another day.
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Jen said...

Despite the pain, these blueberries look very serene. Quite lovely.

Hope the head is better.

jennifer said...

Thanks Jennifer. and thanks for visiting.