Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tomato. May Painting a Day 28

I just took a few days off for the Memorial Day weekend. I spent
a lot of time working in the garden planting the herb garden and a
few planters. Cut back a whole bunch of overgrown trees and shrubs.
And then had my family over for a BBQ on Monday. I almost got too
relaxed and didn't paint again today but then this little can of
tomato paste appeared and that was it..along with this very out of season
tasteless tomato. I am looking forward to my heirloom tomatoes that
are growing in the garden now.


poppylocke said...

I love the bright colours and the detailing on the can - the tomato certainly doesn't look out of season! :)

jennifer said...

Thanks Poppylocke! I made the tomato much more luscious than it really is. Sort of pale...It was a last minute change