Monday, June 17, 2013

Lilla's Class! week 2

We just finished up week 2 of Lilla Rogers amazing class,
Make Art that Sells. This week we focused on Home Decor
and were asked to design a plate, using pod reference. I just
drew and drew and drew. millions of flower pods and seeds.
Then I was out of town, a graduation in DC, and visiting friends
in Philadelphia. There I was, in the car, in the hotel at the restaurant,
drawing away. It felt great!

But it was really difficult trying to do a finished piece while on the road.
I ended up with so many ideas that I had to try them all out.
When I got home on Saturday afternoon I just worked into the night
and on Sunday until the project was due that afternoon.
The class is so exciting and really pushes me to try new things,
experiment and most of all Play!

Here are a few of my finished pieces. The one up top was the one I
submitted. That one just flowed and felt really right but I was very
torn as to which one to submit. Which is your favorite?


Purple Flowers said...

I love the post you submitted, all of them are full of fun and smiles.

poppylocke said...

Beautiful!! I would eat my dinner off the whole set! :) The top one is also my favourite - I also like the scratchy parallel lines around the rims on two of the others. Really fantastic work!