Friday, August 9, 2013

Off to the Beach!!

I'm so excited to take a week at the beach with my family next week.
My son will be leaving the next week back to college, he was so busy
this summer with work and friends I barely saw him. This will be the time
for all of us to take a well deserved rest. Of course I have big plans.. We
will all paint something together, I will sketch a lot, I will read and write.
Who knows, I may just sleep in the sun the whole time.. and that will be ok

This painting is of my Mom many years ago, I found this great old picture
in my stash.
Here is a shot of the painting in progress. I messed up the eyes a little bit
and I don't have time to fix.. But that's what happens sometimes when you


Unknown said...

It's a charming picture. Have a wonderful holiday with your family x

Purple Flowers said...

I love reading your posts. Your painting of your Mother is nothing short of beautiful.
Enjoy your vacation!

jennifer said...

Thank you so much!!