Friday, September 13, 2013

A Beginning of a Series

While I was painting my backgrounds the last 2 weeks for Mati's class,
I felt compelled to start a series of memory portraits. I don't know where
I'm going with the other paintings yet but I have a clear vision of what I'd
like to do with these.
I had a very bad spell with my migraines last weekend, basically not being
able to get out of bed. The pain gets so bad but I am still so aware of the
world around me, that it's a beautiful day outside, the birds are chirping, life
is going on around me. I always feel optimistic that I'll be back in real
life soon..(and I am better than I was last year, much better) I want to paint
my isolation, yet the activity and the beauty of nature and friends and family.
I had thought about doing migraine paintings before but I always thought
about them as being dark and dreary, that's not where I am with it now. I am
trying to make something good from the bad. Below is the beginning of a second

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