Monday, September 23, 2013


This weeks word for Illustration Friday is together. It's such a perfect word
because I'm participating in a Blog Parade together with a bunch of my new
friends from Lilla Rogers class, Make Art That Sells. The class itself was fantastic,
I can't say enough how much I learned and grew from those 5 weeks. And Part B
is coming up in 2 weeks!!
The other wonderful thing that came from the class is the group of amazing artists
I've been able to connect with through the private facebook group. We share advice
and information, work in progress and thoughts. It's been such a treat to meet kindred spirits
from around the world.
I can vouch that they don't look like the above menagerie (we've all shared short videos)
but I'm so glad we've come together.
Next in line on the parade is Sherry London who works absolute magic with
photoshop, she's an expert, she teaches and is so generous with her help. She
also beads and spins yarn. Please go check out her blog and then go on the
parade if you like.

Here are a few sketches of the wild animals I drew earlier today.


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linda said...

I agree that it's been so wonderful connecting with an amazing group through MATS - woohoo! Beautiful artwork and I'm excited about part B as well - yay! Thanks for participating in this blog parade!