Friday, October 25, 2013

Back to Class

I'm back at Lilla Rogers Make Art that Sells class, round 2.
I did 5 weeks of part 1 earlier this year and now we have 5
more weeks. This week is the scrapbooking market. I honestly
didn't know anything about this besides seeing all of those
packages of doodads and papers in the craft aisle of Michaels.
It turns out that painting all of these little icons around a theme
and placing them on the page is right up my alley. I loved it.
The assignment was to paint/draw camera's and typewriters.
And then place them around a theme. The scrapbook companies
then take the icons and create all sorts of fun things to cut
and paste. So here is vintage travel and memories.
I love this class and totally recommend it. The group of artists
are amazing and we've formed a wonderful bond!


Jen said...

These look great!

I'm doing part 1 of Lilla right now (finished my week 3 assignment about 45 minutes ago). One of the reasons I signed up was from following your work and how it evolved so much during that time. I suspect I'll be doing the second part in the Spring.

Have fun with the rest of the course!

jennifer said...

I'm so glad you are taking the course, Jennifer! It's been so great for me and I hope you are getting the same out of it. Lilla is a hoot and I enjoy every minute. Enjoy too. (I'm finding Part 2 a little less stressful, maybe knowing whats coming and what I want to accomplish helps)