Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Finding the Way

The more I paint and collage these canvases, the closer I seem to get to
being a little bit satisfied. It's a big struggle sometimes being an artist. The
slow, down times seem to last forever and I really feel like I'll never get out
of it. But I just keep going, feeling annoyed and upset and unsure. But then
a little spot emerges that I like. And then things start to change, my attitude,
my joy and the work. It's a never ending process.
How do you get out of your slumps?


Carla said...

I especially love the painting on the bottom....beautiful! I'm with you on the slump thing. Recently I've been in a big one with a project that seemed to take forever, with me constantly questioning everything about it, and me. Tedious. I discovered that chipping away at it in small bursts (with lots of breaks doing other things) seemed to do the trick. And having the confidence to know that when it's done, it's done - not fiddling with it constantly! Good luck. They're lovely, and I think nearly finished! Carla

jennifer said...

Thanks Carla and I totally agree with all you say.. The questioning, the breaks and building confidence.

Sarah Melling said...

I love the vibrant colors you're using. I get out of slumps by visiting other artists' sites (like right now!). It never fails to inspire me!

jennifer said...

So nice to connect with you again Sarah! Yes visiting artists pages is always inspiring and humbling too. Also just getting out of the studio and taking a walk or going to yoga.

Susan said...

they are gorgeous, unique & original - all very good things. I'm a big fan ! xo Susan

jennifer said...

Thanks Susan!