Friday, January 3, 2014

New Project

I have lots of ideas for projects this year buzzing around my head.. One is
the commitment to do a painting a day in my sketchbook which I started
about a month ago. I decided though to post them on my website sketchbook
section so they will all stay together. I will continue to add other work, projects and
ideas here. If you'd like I'd love for you to visit me there too.


Bethany said...

You have such a great style to your work! I will definitely check out your other site. You need to keep going with this!!!

Unknown said...

Love this idea and your work -- just found your site via Illustration Friday. Can you share what kind of sketchbook you use? I'm always curious! :)

jennifer said...

Hi Betsey, I actually use a sketchbook from MUJI for this.. It's very thin paper, not what you'd expect. I'll do a blog post with pictures next week. Thanks!