Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

I've been thinking about stitching things lately. Then along came the stitched
Postcard swap with Do What You Love. #GBSPS
So I dug into my stash of fabric and found this lovely piece of linen. I only
had about 4 colors of thread so thats what I used. The last time I did this
was many years ago.. I don't really remember how to make the different
stitches.. So I pulled out whats comfortable to me.. Paint.
I have loads of beads and buttons so I stitched them on, cut paper flowers
and added them.
I also got to use the sewing machine a friend gave me for the first time. I want
to do more. Now I need to find the time. This is getting mailed up to Maine


Purple Flowers said...

How cute! It seems that you are up to the task for anything art related. I think you are a very creative person.

Brandi said...

So creative! You do such beautiful work! I told you I'd be back! I just ordered a painting from your Etsy shop and I can't wait to hang it in my home! Thanks for sharing your talents!!

jennifer said...

Thanks! I love it so it makes me happy.

jennifer said...

Thank you Brandi! I did just get that order and I'll get it out on Monday. I'm glad you came back!!

Unknown said...

uuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhh - this is beautiful - I wish you were my swap partner! I had fun doing mine too.

jennifer said...

Thank you so much Christine! I had fun with it, I'm going over to your blog to check yours out!

Nina said...

Oh what a gorgeous card! I participated too but mine looks nothing like yours :)

jennifer said...

Thank you Nini, I went and saw yours, Its very sweet and it's a great project!