Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Launch Blog Party!

Remember High School? Well my fellow classmate from #makeartthatsells class has written a book 
How Being Stubborn, Unpopular and Depressed Saved my Life. Her blurb on the book: 
I wrote a super honest, encouraging, vibrant book with the intent to help others [especially teens!]
 feel less alone in this world. By using MY story, and LOTS OF colorful illustrations, I want 
others to realize they aren't alone on those dark, lowest of low days! This is my doodle dream!"

She is a vibrant, sweet honest soul and I'm so happy she asked me to do an illustration for her
book launch party! It's at her blog Nightly Doodles. Lots of fabulous artists have done 
gorgeous work for the party!!
This painting went through a few revisions to be honest. But the premise was there from the start. 
There is isolation and sadness when you are left out but  please, please remember who you are,
and you are special and have so much to offer. Believe in yourself!


Nancie Janitz said...

Jennifer I am so excited to find your blog - I love your work and have been following it in our Bootcamp class and again in the EcoJot contest. I love your style and am so inspired by the painterly look. I love to paint but I'm always struggling with how to get that to translate on the computer and get it to work in surface pattern design. Your book cover is wonderful! I am going to show it to my daughter. hugs!

jennifer said...

Hi Nancie, It's so nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for the kind words and I love when I inspire someone. That makes me happiest. For illustration I usually paint all the icons separately and then scan them in and manipulate everything in photoshop.It's a process that takes alot of learning and believe me, I'm still learning. Feel free to ask me any questions. Hope your daughter likes the cover! Jen

Zoe said...

beautiful Jennifer!

jennifer said...

Thanks Zoe!