Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Painting Migraines

I get migraines. They are really terrible and sometimes
it takes a few days for them to go away. This week I was sick
Sunday, Monday and part of Tuesday. But I was determined to
stick to my painting a day in my sketchbook even though most of
the time I had a pillow over my head and took way too much medicine.
I've always wanted to try to paint my migraines so that's what I did.
I didn't use the timer, that would have been too stressful but I think
they only took about 15 minutes each, (the first 2)

I get them on one side of my head so its just split in half and then the
reverberations of everything around are awful.

Sometimes my lower half doesn't feel all that bad but from my eyes up its
a horrible mess.

And then it starts to lift and I know I'll feel like a truck hit me for a little while
but I know things are getting better. I found this quote by Dr Seuss that
just seemed perfect for the situation.
You know, I'm grateful I was able to do work the last few days and am
now totally pumped to get back to real life. Thanks everyone who sent
me good thoughts on instagram and FB. I truly appreciate it.
How do you try to cope with pain?


Jen said...

These are really powerful. Fascinating.

jennifer said...

Thank you Jennifer. The migraine thing is hard to depict. I'm glad you "feel" the emotions.


Wow! I was so motivated to paint my migraine after reading this. it was kind of comforting to know that someone, somewhere, was going through this like me.,