Monday, December 22, 2014

Maira Kalman

Last weekend I went to the Julie Saul Gallery  to see some of Maira Kalmans work from her new book and MEET her! For me it was like meeting the most famous movie star ever, I was in heaven!! 
There weren't too many people there so I got a bit over enthusiastic and talked a lot, maybe too much... But whoa, she is really lovely and kind. It made my week!

Her observations on life and her painting really speak to me. I found this interview with her on The Great Discontent, it's a fabulous read, she has a great story!
How great is this?


pve design said...

Amazing. She is a star and so are YOU!

jennifer said...

Thank you Patricia! I could never compare to Maira but I'm happy for the encouragement!!!

shelleysavorblog said...

How exciting! She's my hero too, I love her work very much. I can understand how thrilled you must have been. I'm sure she loved your chat as well. Inspiring minds!

jennifer said...

Yes, I know she inspires so many! I hope I have an ounce of her creativity, it would still be great!! Have a happy holiday! Jen

Terry said...

Love this. Like you, I would think I'd met a most famous movie star. And, if I had met the two of you there together, it would have been over the top.

jennifer said...

You are very kind to even think of me as in her league but thank you!! Happy New year!!