Wednesday, May 20, 2015


It finally Arrived! The months of planning , consulting, making art being thoroughly
confused and then excited. Our booth came together beautifully. Kristen Balouch spearheaded
the incredible coziness of it, but we all contributed and even though there was an element of
chance it was perfect in our eyes.

We had an odd shaped booth, narrow and with a bend but it gave us room for a
"living room" and then the area with the long wooden table to show out work to buyers.

A bit blurry but you get the idea.We saw so many amazing clients,manufacturers,
friends, artists, it felt like a whirlwind in a great way.

Here are the Cloverly's Monika Forsberg, Lyndy Hants, Kristen Balouch and me along
with Helen Dardik who came to visit.I loved meeting them all!
We ate two times at my brothers restaurant Ivan Ramen, one night with a group of artists
and the next with The Jennifer Nelson group. Both times were fantastic.
Here is me and Carolyn Gavin outside the restaurant.

And then the next nigh again with Carolyn, Monika and Helen at a South African restaurant.
The highlight was doing my daily painting as a collaborative effort. Dip pen and ink on a two
page spread.

I also did another collaborative on with Monika, I did the ink and she colored with
Sakura brush pens.

I came away with a few signed and sealed amazing licenses, and lots of incredible
things to follow up on. Happily I am off to Spain tomorrow to see my son Sam who
has been studying in Florence this semester. I'm so lucky to have the awesome Jennifer
Nelson to take the reigns. When I get back I have loads of things lined up to work on
and I'll be inspired and rested from my travels. When I have more thoughts after this
all settles in I will do a follow up Surtex post.
Thanks for all being so wonderful!


Janou-Eve said...

Congrats! These are fantastic news!!!
You are such an inspiration!

jennifer said...

Thank you Janou!