Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Painting Dads House

I often use old photo's as reference for a painting. So much history and richness.
This is the house my Dad grew up in in Concord Massachusetts.

Here is my interpretation.

I wish I could show him....
I just found out from my fathers brother that this house cost $8000 in 1939 when
my Dad was 7. It's the only house they ever owned. There was a porch on the front side
at one point.


Saxongirl said...

Delightful. I'm sure your dad would have loved this!

Anonymous said...

Cool to show the photo and your interpretation , love it a lot and I am sure our dads our "watching" .

Jess said...

Wow houses are so big in the U.S! I love your painting of it, so beautiful. xx