Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips on Daily Painting 2

The most important thing in a daily painting practice is to go into each day without 
planning to paint a masterpiece. 
In fact the less pressure you put upon yourself to be perfect the more fun and 
more creative you can be. My first year of painting I used a sketchbook with very 
cheap paper. It took away the preciousness of the whole thing. Its become a 
habit now so I have upgraded my sketchbooks, 
but I actually enjoy painting on computer paper or construction paper. 
My  painting above was a big, tangled mess of stems and leaves that had no focus. 
I still had time in my 30 minutes so I painted over that part in black and used 
my gold gelpen to editorialize my feelings. It felt good, almost like a big deep breath. 


Judy Hartman said...

I love it! Good advice! Love your daily paintings!

RitaG said...

Thanks for your tips. I am thinking about doing a daily painting and you are an inspiration. Do you ever miss a day?

jennifer said...

Thanks Judy, I'll be posting tips every Monday.!

jennifer said...

No, I haven't missed a day. But I do have days when I'm sick or away and I just make a scribble. More about that another week! Thanks Rita!!