Monday, September 21, 2015

Daily Sketchbook Tips: Painting Stylized Faces

Yesterday in the comments I was asked for tips on  how I draw faces.
One of my favorite things to do is paint faces of all kinds. I go from
more realistic to completely flat and decorative like these.
I use this technique  as a fallback when I have no idea what to paint one day, and
then I end up having a fantastic time!
Here is a simple lesson on how to try this yourself.
I would start with faces looking straight forward as going to the side or a profile
is more difficult.

Faces are all shapes, play around with them.
Look at pictures in magazines of people to get a bit of reference.

Play around with hairstyles. They don't need to be realistic, be imaginative
dots for curls and stripes for longer locks.

And then the details. Big eyes, thick eyebrows, a dot for a mouth or some big glasses.
Remember that toy where you could turn the cubes and the character
kept changing? Its like that, the shape of each part, lips, eyes, nose will totally
change the expression of the face. Mainly just have fun and do it a lot, you'll get it.


Beverley Baird said...

Love your faces! I am so inspired!Thanks for sharing. said...

This is indeed a very good approach to paint on one of 'those 'days , you feel like having no ideas left or having two "left" hands (for the right-handed) and much fun ,love it al lot , thanks for sharing .

jennifer said...

You're welcome! I hope it helps!!

jennifer said...

Definitely!! I get 2 left hands often!

Unknown said...

Very interesting! Thank you for this article. I really like your blog

mbi said...
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mbi said...

Faces are so hard! I have been following you on instagram for a while, not sure how we "met"... I love your style and I have been particularly loving your painting of photos for your sketchbook. It's such a great idea and they all turn out so wonderfully funky. I came over to your blog to see if you have any videos of doing one from start to finish. I think you mentioned that you had put one up a few weeks ago? The time lapse videos on instagram are cool, too, but now I want to see the whole thing.

I am just starting out as an Artist (being brave) and have always told myself that I can't draw. Faces are so daunting that I would have avoided them forever, but now this post comes to me at just the most unique timing and I am thinking that I might have to try experimenting tonight. (I am missing my second Art class today.) Why not jump right in where the fear is greatest? Thank you for this post. I am anxious to read anymore tips and behind the scenes of making Art post that you do. Alison