Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sketchbook Tips:Traveling

Painted on the tray table in the airplane.. awkward!

I was in Vashon Island, Washington this weekend so this subject is on my mind.
I'm a notoriously heavy packer and when it comes to art supplies I go way overboard
and practically bring another suitcase just filled with paint, pens etc,
I'm really working on streamlining this problem.
This time I brought my Koi Travel Watercolor set , a tube of black and white gouache,
A little old tin box with 3 paintbrushes,
a black pen, a pencil, an eraser, a gold gel pen and a white jelly roll pen. And
a Strathmore mixed media sketchbook. Thats it. Still sort of seems like a lot but
it was more manageable.

Sitting in the kitchen looking out at Puget Sound
I always think I will have tons of time to paint and draw while I'm away but it never
happens that way. We have plans, there are other people involved who have
their own agenda so there is still some planning time involved. I just insist and make
people wait sometimes. Its only 30 minutes after all.... Then there is subject matter.
It's always visually stimulating, different and a bit confusing. It sometimes takes me
a few days to absorb what I've seen.
On this trip I decided to paint interior scenes from the friends house where I was staying.
It was there, I could do it live without having to photograph and gather ideas.

The Living Room.
And I do take lots of pictures of course. To be used when I get home. But there was one this
weekend that had to get painted. At a party one night this cute dog named Bear was having the
most relaxing time.

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Judy Hartman said...

Love each one of your painted sketches. I'll be ordering one of those Koi paint sets!
You are always inspiring!

Jess said...

I love your sketches! I feel so guilty making people wait while I paint but this has spurred me on, thankyou! xx

jennifer said...

Thank you Judy! You'll enjoy the Koi paint!!

jennifer said...

Thanks Jess, I just make people understand it's my priority. I try to work it into a schedule though so I'm not really difficult. Have fun!

Nancy said...

I think what you packed this trip is very reasonable and will have to show my hubby to show him I am not too crazy!!!! Sounds like a great trip! and I like how you make it a priority. I do not do this enough with my drawing when travelling. I should but I get too self conscious. I tend to draw/sketch more than paint/sketch when traveling. I think this is the inspiration I needed to start drawing every day again. Keep up the good work! OX

jennifer said...

I just love to paint but drawing while traveling is great too! My goal is to just be sure to do something everyday! Good luck and have fun!!!

BusyB said...

Oh my goodness! I live on Vashon Island and now I want to figure out where Bear lives. Did you go to the Sheep Dog Trials? I hope you found our little island welcoming.