Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My brother Ivan is a Ramen chef in Tokyo with two successful restaurants, Ivan Ramen and IvanRamen plus.
He's a hoot, always having fun, making delicious food. With this disaster in Japan I just can't stop thinking about everything that is going on there, about him and his family, and all the people affected by this.

This is the update he wrote about whats been happening.

A somber update

I'm sorry I haven't made some "official" comment until now, but 
as you can imagine, things are pretty crazy here. It has a very 
9/11 feel to it, which, unfortunately, I was all to close to when 
it occurred. Here in Tokyo, nobody really knows what's happening, 
we see the same images that people are seeing in New York, 
London and Rome. We are fearful of what might happen with 
the nuclear reactors and how that might affect the nation, 
worried that a large new earthquake is imminent, and rumors 
of new disasters swirl and spin. And our hearts ache as we 
see interviews of people who can't find loved ones, lost 
homes and have seen their hometowns disappear before 
their eyes. All I can do is to soldier on, keep my shops 
running, and offer people a bowl of comforting ramen and 
hope it gives them a mild respite from all that is going on. 
Many of the Tokyo ramen shop owners are meeting next 
week to come up with a concrete way to help the survivors, 
possibly trucking up food to feed those in need. Until then, 
around town all the shops are taking up collections, and 
using as little electricity as possible to help the city 
deal with what is now an inadequate supply. We're strong 
here in Japan and will keep on keeping on. I've passed on 
to my Japanese friends the outpouring of support and 
distress felt by my fellow Americans and they were truly 
moved. Thank you for all the emails and phone calls 
and continued thoughts and prayers. Ivan



Bethany said...

Oh no... I didn't know your brother was there. I'm so glad he's okay... I kept thinking that too... 9/11. It will definitely strengthen their nation as they lean on each other. Thanks for sharing this.

Sarah Melling said...

I am glad your brother is safe; the magnitude of this disaster just doesn't seem real. My thoughts are with all of Japan, and a humble bowl of ramen will be a blessing to many.

Anonymous said...


I was thinking and worried about your brother when this all happened and I was afraid to ask if everything was ok.

I am glad that he is well despite still having to deal with a difficult and depressing situation.

And might I say he is pretty handsome!

Hope things get better for him, his family and everyone there.

Truly a disaster and reminding me how fortunate I am, every day.