Monday, May 9, 2011


Trying to post this today made me
feel like a "beginner". It just wouldn't
post properly for some reason..

Anyway, The first level of swim lessons
are called the beginner level. I also wanted to try to capture the movement of water and the look of the body underneath. This is collage with
acrylic painting overlay.


Jen said...

The acrylic over the collage is a nice effect - you see the patterns, but there is a kind of reflection. Very water-like! Great!

pve design said...

really sweet!
my girl loves the water and is part fish !

Linda Hensley said...

I like the way the paint is transparent over the patterns too. Very nice!

Sarah Melling said...

This is wonderful: I love the page composition and the shimmer, cool texture of the water...really beautiful!