Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today I visited my accountant. Luckily he is there to pick
up all my pieces because otherwise there would be major
stress in my house. We all have our talents and strengths,
mine certainly isn't organization and money, I'm sure his
isn't painting and drawing. So I'm lucky to have such a
capable guy to do my taxes all these years. And I like him too.


dosankodebbie said...

Perfect illo for this time of year! And a much-needed reminder for me to get started on my taxes. ;p

Vicki Smith said...

Such a good feeling to get those taxes out of the way. And you got a painting done at the same time! I'm impressed.

paula said...

Oh, for sure! I'm with you. Even giving it over to accountants is stressful until all the taxes are said and done. Love the drawing. Says it all very well!