Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Special Connection

A good friend had a milestone birthday yesterday, and I wanted
to paint something special for her. This is Yogi, sitting in his regular
spot on the couch. Hope is an Art dealer and art appraiser of museum
quality work, so really, this was a daunting task...but challenging and
fun. Yesterday afternoon Yogi brushed up against me and I got this
weird feeling that we had a special connection, he had no idea, but
it was a very cool one way zing.
I've been thinking about taking one object and painting it over and
over every day for a month, to get to know it as well as I can.
When I was at RISD a professor gave out that assignment (it
wasn't to my class though) and a person in the class painted her
jeans everyday for a month. She said it was life changing...the way
she learned to observe... I never forgot that.
Any suggestions on what  I should paint/draw?

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