Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breaking Old Habits

Sometimes it' is so difficult to step out of the the habits
you've set for yourself. It's easier to just stick with what
you've been doing rather than take even the small step
to try something new which may bring you to a whole
new place.
I've been painting small for a long time and just the simple
step of getting out big paper seemed like an insurmountable
problem. I thought about how for a long time, months really..
I didn't know what to paint, I didn't know what colors, I
had so many excuses..

I finally decided to pare down the issue to the basics,
I picked the paper I would use and laid it out. I gave
myself the directive of just black or white paint, big
paintbrushes, and 15 minutes a day on the timer. I went
outside and chose a few lingering plants from the garden
and made sure all of my supplies were ready to go.I put
the plan into my calendar so I had no choice.

This process of breaking it down for me was so great.. I'm
planning on continuing these for these for a while until I'm
ready to add more to the directive. The goal is to loosen up
and play more but having the boundaries makes it so much easier.


Lisa Rivas said...

These are very beautiful. I know exactly what you are talking about... I might have to take the same directives. So glad to see a glimpse of you working. Will be back. Best :-)

Shari Daniels said...

Isn't if funny how giving ourselve fewer options allows us to be more creative? I think this happened with you, my dear. :-)

Jane Moore Houghton said...

What a great practice to get yourself unstuck! They are beautiful in their simplicity! All the best -

jennifer said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful comments. Even knowing this makes it easier, for some reason it's still hard to start each day. It's a slow process but the seed is in there.