Wednesday, February 6, 2013


My Dad was the wise one, he had a big smile and big heart. He
would entertain us with stories, comfort us, advise us, teach us,
make us laugh and sometimes make us just roll our eyes.
He was a wonderful husband to my Mom for 57 years, a great
father and grandfather, a lawyer, a painter, a sculptor, and a great
friend. Dad died suddenly on Friday night, what a shock.
We will miss him terribly.

This picture is taken many years ago on the "Julian Trivers
Memorial Walk". We took it every year, he with his "Jack",
me with my wine, (I must be holding the photographers beer)
in honor of a neighbor with that name.
Bye Dad, I love you so much.

PS. I've just been reminded.. although Dad is a Jack Daniels guy,
the proper drink on the Julian Trivers walk is a Gin and Tonic.


Unknown said...

He was sarcastic and funny and witty and very interesting. I have known him my whole life but we have had more contact the last few years. He will be missed by us all. The last of the original outlaws which was a term I think he loved. Cathy said...

Your dad looks like such a fun and loving person to know. I am so sorry for your loss.