Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Painting Challenge Day 9

Honestly, there is a lot of pressure to get these done each day. It's
been a great motivator so far. I've started to use the painting time
to experiment with techniques and layers and textures. It's a bit
of a love/hate with the final results but I think it's the kind of exercise
in learning to be disciplined, creative on the spot and very brave to put
the results out here each day.
So the gorgeous weather has certainly influenced me here. The only
problem is that I didn't get too much time outside. I did take the bamboo
shades off the windows and hang white fabric. It's so much brighter, I don't
know why I didn't think of it sooner.


lizzysapronstrings.com said...

So cheery! Love it! : ) I admire your discipline!!

pve design said...

I would never know that your painting involved any sort of pressure, but as a fellow artist, I do understand the pressure of which you speak. It is good to challenge yourself each day with painting, then it becomes as routine as brushing one's teeth.
love the colors.

Emily said...

The bright colors in this one are great - very spring