Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vase on Table, Challenge day 3

What I'm learning so far from 3 days of the painting
challenge is that I need to be a bit less ambitious. This
took too long for a one day project if I need/want to
get anything else done.
Nevertheless, I think I might go back into the
table a bit, to make it a little less rounded, just not
today. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied.

Here is an in work version. I just build up the layers.
The table looks a little flatter here.

And here is the desk where I work.
In the meantime, it's still freezing out and I can't
wait to go outside and paint. Or even just
comfortably take a walk..

1 comment:

pve design said...

I love your challenge day 3. Perhaps one tip I might share with you is to set a timer or an hourglass. Deadlines always motivate me to cross that finish line.