Monday, May 6, 2013

Brooklyn Walk

Yesterday was a beautiful day and my husband and I took a long walk
in Brooklyn. It was actually a historical walk with the Municipal Arts Society
mostly in Red Hook. We learned a lot about Jane Jacobs vision of
NYC. It was also the bike tour and multiple street fairs so it was a busy day
in the city. I love the color of this bridge and tree.

a little peek of the Brooklyn Bridge,

and Tower 1 with the spire just put up this week.

I love the colors out at the pier.

A very cool old factory building,

a doorway that looks like it is in the process of being renovated. The
floods from Hurricane Sandy really devastated this area so there is lots
of rebuilding going on.

It's quiet on a Sunday in this industrial area.

I'm always drawn to color.. I love this watering can against the brick wall.

This adorable little centerpiece was in a distillery shop called 
Cacao Prieto They had yummy dark chocolate and I had a teeny shot
of the bourbon which was very smooth.

And a front view of the Statue of Liberty. I usually only see the side or
back of her from Manhattan. 
Great day.. I love spring when I can do this!!
Painting a day coming up later today. 

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