Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cupcake. May Painting a Day (8)

It feels good sometimes to take frustrations out in your art, I'll have
to paint a happier cupcake another day but for now this is what
I got... The last few days have been migraine days, I missed a good
friends birthday dinner last night because I just couldn't get out. It rained
hard all day but I was grateful for that since the garden was so dry.
Tomorrow will be better. I know it, My son is coming home from his
first year away at college. I'm looking forward to seeing him.


Purple Flowers said...

You're doing great. That cupcake looks mighty yummy to me! Hopefully you will feel better once you hug your son. Love does that.

jennifer said...

Yes it does! Thanks so much, it's nice to feel the support.

poppylocke said...

This one is great! I love the loose style and the colours are really gorgeous! Sending you well wishes - I hope those headaches leave you soon..!