Monday, September 30, 2013


The last few weeks have been a bit distracting and unproductive for me.
My kitchen is being renovated so the house is upside down, I have to wash my 
dishes in the sink and I can never find what I need. I'm definitely not complaining,
I can't wait to have my new kitchen, that's at least a month down the road. 
I had a spell of migraines and now I'm on a raw diet as a liver cleanse.. It's working
too, I feel really good, but somehow changing your whole diet is disruptive to
the day as well. 
I have made lots of art regardless..I just haven't finished anything or felt the joy.
In Mati Rose's painting class we've been learning fun techniques and playing around.
But I can't get past the first few layers on each one. 

All fun but not finished.. 
Today I finally just went out, picked flowers from my garden and
went for it.. I had more fun with this than I have in weeks. 
Here are the progress shots on today's painting.




I'm not done but yay! I got somewhere today...The slump is over.
This painting is a little more literal than my goal, abstracting the flowers is next but I 
found some direction today.
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linda said...

so lovely that you pushed yourself past that hurdle! it's definitely fun to splatter with paint... but I often get stuck in just playing around and never really "completing" anything as well... definitely something I still need to work on! thanks for sharing and joining the blog parade this month! perhaps we'll get an update on your new kitchen next month :P

jennifer said...

Thanks Linda, for commenting and organizing the blog parade. I guess getting stuck is part of the artist process. I will post some kitchen process too!