Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Featured Artist: Monika Forsberg

I met Monika Forsberg in the Make Art That Sells class that just completed.
From the very first assignment I fell truly in love with her work.
There is a wonderful naivity/sophistication that feels so honest and
beautiful. I know she just loves to draw, does it all the time and comes
up with some gorgeous, colorful and quirky work on a daily basis. I can't
wait to see what comes next for her.
Visit her website here.
I had trouble choosing which ones to feature..They are all so appealing!


Purple Flowers said...

Monika's artwork is wonderful. I think it is very fun and joyful. I especially like the canna plants, which are so colorful and pleasing to my eyes. Thank you for sharing!

Vicki Smith said...

They have a lovely, fresh quality!

Susan said...

I LOVE Monica's work also … & for all the reasons you've mentioned, such original & beautifully quirky art

Bethany said...

I love the colors! They remind me a lot of your work too!